Atid Leadership Program



Atid Leadership Program (Entering 6th – 8th Grade)

This program provides a first foray in to the leadership experience. Our Atid campers have separate group activities where they will learn and develop basic leadership skills.  Atid campers will enjoy camp activities geared specifically toward their age, with an emphasis on core values and independence.  They will have opportunities to mentor younger campers and shadow more experienced staff.  Atid campers also have the option of staying at camp on the overnights as helpers and receiving hot dog lunch on Fridays.

Atid Campers must register for this program and pay half the cost of a K-5 camper (you will be asked which overnights your Atid camper wants to attend during registration). 

  • Atid Leadership Program Registration  (Entering 6th-8th Grade)
  • Pre Camp (7:30-9:00 AM)
  • Post Camp (4:00-6:00 PM)
  • Friday Hot Dog Lunch

* You will be asked about overnights during registration.

Field Trips

Atid Campers and Ozrim will travel by bus on certain Fridays to take field trips about 30 minutes from camp.

Everyone will leave around 10:30 AM after traveling to Cedar Lake with campers, and will arrive at 11:00 AM where they will swim, hang out, and possibly go in to town to get ice cream before returning to camp for Shabbat @ the Lake.

Please pack a lunch, swimsuit, towel, and extra money for these field trips.

A staff member and lifeguard will be present during these trips at all times.

In the event of inclement weather, Atid Campers and Ozrim will remain at camp or at the JCC.

If you are not attending camp the week of a field trip, you may still attend.

2019 Field Trip Dates are TBD

*If you do not want your child attending this field trip (or your child does not want to attend) or you aren’t at camp the week of the field trip, but want to attend, please contact us , at (734) 971-0990 ext 141. Atid Campers and Ozrim not attending the field trip will still be allowed to come to camp.


To learn more about overnights, click here.