In addition to standard camp activities, Camp Raanana divides our campers into cabin groups by grade, which are housed in three divisions.  Programming for all campers are age specific and give them an opportunity to continue experiencing new, exciting and challenging moments as they advance through their camp careers.

Our lower division is home to our Zra’im (entering Kindergartenn), Nitzanim (entering 1st Grade) and Shorashim (entering 2nd Grade) campers. Our upper division houses campers in our Givolim (entering 3rd Grade), Anafim (entering 4th Grade) and Alim (entering 5th Grade) cabin groups. As our campers transition from unit to unit, the program structure is adapted to each age group in order to provide them unique and meaningful opportunities for growth and development.

Our third camper division is a program designed for our Middle School Campers, and is called the Atid Leadership Program.  Atidwhich means future in English, is a program that is specifically designed to meet the needs of our older campers while challenging them to grow as individuals. The Atid program is the first step in providing our campers with specific leadership skills that can be applied to countless situations at camp as well as their everyday lives – participating, learning and leading not only within the unit, but with younger campers throughout the summer. They are viewed as up-and-coming leaders within our camp community.


Camp Raanana also offers a Counselor-in-Training program for teens entering 9th and 10th Grade, called the Ozrim Program.   Ozrim is Hebrew for “helpers”, and an individual is affectionately called an “Ozo”.  Our Ozrim program allows teens create relationships with fellow Ozrim as they learn valuable skills about being a counselor, programming, leadership skills, and the operations of camp. The summer is an evolution from camper to staff for Ozos as a group and as individuals.