About Camp

There’s the smell of fresh air. The sun shining brightly.  The warm air and temperatures rising. It must be that time of year again!

Adults know what’s coming, but children know it best as their teachers wish them future success in all their endeavors. That’s right, it’s time for summer!  For 3 glorious months there will be no worry of school, homework, or snow.

Best of all, it’s time for Camp Raanana, where the best summer memories are made!

Children as young as age 5, can enjoy a terrific summer day camp experience at the amazing Michigan United Conservation Club’s (MUCC) Out of Doors Center at Cedar Lake in Chelsea, MI, and at the JCC. The fun begins each day as our enthusiastic staff greet each and every child to get them geared up for a full day of new experiences and exciting activities.

It’s a healthy balance of structured and free play time along with plenty of peer interaction. A great group of caring, involved, and engaged counselors provide constant supervision.  Camp Director, Rachel Saslove, coordinates all activities while leading her professional, highly trained, and experienced staff.

As your child grows, so does their Camp Raanana experience.  For example, while at Cedar Lake, those in grades K-2 have planned activities throughout the day, and 3-5th graders have a “choice period” in which they pick an activity at the beginning of the week and stick with it. A great example of this is Advanced Art.

One of the highlights of the Camp Raanana experience is spending an overnight at Cedar Lake. There aren’t many day camps offering that kind of fun!

Finding it a difficult to occupy your middle schooler or teen? Camp Raanana has a leadership program for 6th-8th graders, and a Counselor-In-Training  program for 9th-10th graders.   The Ozrim program (our CIT program)  offers fun, leadership training, and hands-on experience.  This program has proven that the necessary skills to become a successful counselor can be learned through being an Ozo.